• Can I buy my boat from the Stessco Factory?
    A.Due to our agreement we have in place with our dealer network, we can only assist with the sale through the franchised network.... we do take an active part in ensuring that you are happy with your build.......
  • Can I buy my boat if I live overseas ?
    We have various retailers throughout the islands... including New Caledonia and Tahiti to name a couple... we are happy to assist where possible with freight however the warranty is not an international warranty...
  • How do I order my boat ?
    Through the dealer network, the network have a structured options list with colours and samples of what you may desire.....
  • Where can I find a Stessco Dealer ?
    You can look on the “find a dealer” link within the Stessco site.
  • Where can I get brochure ?
    You can obtain a brochure from your nearest dealer, or we are happy to either post one or email you a digital PDF copy to you.....
  • Can I customise my boat?
    Yes, as long as the structural integrity is not compromised, keeping in mind whilst we are a production company, we cannot accept changes...especially if past the point of the changes already being made in the build there is a cost involved with every change....
  • Can I choose the stripes colours/type for my boat?
    Yes, samples are available online, in our brochure or within the dealer network. The colours that we work with are Australian standards AS2700-1.
  • Can I have a Wrap instead of the stripes for my boat ?
    Yes at an additional cost, there are samples on our website...
  • How long  will it take to build a Standard Model boat ?
    Depends on how busy we are, we strive to meet the high period demands and work towards a maximum 5 week process, however if demand is too high this may push our factory build out...
  • How long will it take to build a Premium Model boat ?
    Similar time frame as above, we don’t prioritise one build over another.
  • What the warranty for a Standard Hull ?
    12 months or 2 years when purchased on a Stessco trailer
  • What the warranty for a Premium Hull ?
    24 months or 5 years when purchased on a Stessco trailer.
  • Does the warranty cover boat and trailer ?
    Yes the warranty covers manufacturing defects and failures only. In the event of electronics or steering, warranty reverts back to the manufacturer of that particular product(s).
  • Who can I contact for any warranty work for my boat ?
    It is advised that you take your boat back to your purchasing dealer as the purchasing dealer is responsible for the works to be carried out. If you have moved away opr purchased a dealer away from where you reside, We may be able to have the necessary works carried out at another Authorised Stessco Marine dealership. .... be sure to follow the warranty instructions on your Stessco owners handbook as it outlines the warranty process.