Bass Hunter Series


A premium side consoled boat that gets you into the tricky spots, that also offers stability, speed and room to move.

Comprising of front and rear casting platforms, deluxe upholstered seats, premium graphics and paint comes ready for your next fishing expedition.

Premium Model - Side Console - Punt - V-Nose - Painted

Note: Pictures may be photographed with optional extras.

For more information and pricing please contact your local Stessco Dealer.

Length (mm) 4480 4780 4980
Beam (mm) 2020 2020 2020
Depth (mm) 900 900 900
Bottom Sides (mm) 3 3 3
Top Sides (mm) 3 3 3
Max HP 60 70 75
Max Transom Weight (kg) 165 190 190
Transom Height 20" 20" 20"
Max # People 4 4 4
Base Boat Hull Weight (kg) 370 420 460
FEATURES 440 460 480
Anchor Hatch STD STD STD
Bait Tank In Rear Casting Platform (Plumbed) STD STD STD
Bungs (Large 2) STD STD STD
Casting Platform - Front With 3 Hatches STD STD STD
Casting Platform - Rear With 2 Hatches & Splashwell STD STD STD
Console - Side With Wraparound Windscreen & Hand Rail STD STD STD
Electric Motor Bracket  STD STD STD
Electrical Rigging (Nav, Anchor Lights, 12V Socket & 5 Gang Switch Panel) STD STD STD
Floor - High Supported (Carpeted) STD STD STD
Fuel Tank - Underfloor N/A STD 60L STD 60L
Graphics - Premium Style on Painted Hull STD STD STD
Keeper Tank - Front Casting Platform (Plumbed)  STD STD STD
Motor Board - Anti-Rot STD STD STD
Motor Well - Island STD STD STD
Painted Hull (1 Colour)  STD STD STD
Rod Locker - Floor Mounted N/A STD STD
Seat Sockets (3)  STD STD STD
Side Decks Fully Welded STD STD STD
Side Pocket (1) N/A STD STD
Side Pocket (2) STD N/A N/A
Steering - Mechanical Non-Feedback STD STD OPT
Step & Grab Rail (2) STD STD STD
Transducer Bracket (2) STD STD STD