Car Topper Series


Car Topper Options

Bilge Pump 500GPH
Bimini - Gunwale Mounted
Boat Wrap (Stessco Style)
Electric Motor Bracket
Electrics Package
Floor - Low Supported (Carpeted)
Painted Hull (1 Colour) Standard Graphics

The Stessco Car Topper Series is your best travel companion. It is a great light weight boat that is simple and easy to handle, making it an easy choice for people wanting to load up and getaway.

Standard Model - Punt - V-Nose - Unpainted Note: Pictures may include options upgraded from Standard.

Length (mm) 3100 3560
Beam (mm) 1440 1440
Depth (mm) 500 550
Bottom Sides (mm) 1.6 1.6
Top Sides (mm) 1.6 1.6
Max HP 6 10
Max Transom Weight (kg) 35 60
Transom Height 15" 15"
Max # People 2 2
Base Boat Hull Weight (kg) 65 74
FEATURES 309 349
Anchor Tray STD STD
Boweye (Small 2 Hole) STD STD
Bungs (Large 2) STD STD
Flotation X-Thwart (Basic) STD STD
Lifting Handles (2 on Stern / 2 on Bow) STD STD
Motor Board (Anti-Rot) STD STD
Rowlock Holders (2) STD STD
Seat - X-Thwart Type (2) STD STD
Solid Transom Corners STD STD