Bass Tracker Series


Stessco Bass Tracker v-nose models are synonymous with high quality, value-packed and rugged boats. Our versatile v-nose series offers a full range of sizes and choices. Quality construction, reliability, performance and serious fishability give the Bass Tracker the edge over other value-priced v-designs.

No matter which model you choose (painted or unpainted series) you can count on more usable space, better stability running and fishing and a smooth, drier ride. For serious fun or serious work, you can’t beat a super tough Stessco Bass Tracker.

Standard Model - Punt - V-Nose - Unpainted

Note: Pictures may include options upgraded from Standard.

SPECIFICATIONS 389 409 Limited 429 Limited
Length (mm) 3970 4390 4340
Beam (mm) 1740 1865 1890
Depth (mm) 740 830 850
Bottom Sides (mm) 2 3 3
Top Sides (mm) 2 2 2
Max HP 25 30 40
Max Transom Weight (kg) 92 92 142
Transom Height 20" 20" 20"
Max # People 3 3 4
Base Boat Hull Weight (kg) 135 273 217
FEATURES 389 409 Limited 429 Limited
Anchor Tray STD STD STD
Bungs (Large 2) STD STD STD
Casting Platform - Front X-Thwart c/w 1 Hatch OPT  STD STD
Floor - Low Supported (Carpeted) STD STD STD
Fuel Tank Rack  STD STD STD
Motor Board (Anti-Rot) STD STD STD
Rails - Front with nav light brackets OPT STD STD
Rails - Side OPT STD STD
Rowlock Holders (2) STD N/A N/A
Seat - X-Thwart Type (2)  STD STD STD
Side decks fully welded  OPT STD STD
Side Pockets (2) OPT  STD STD
Step & Grab Rail (1) OPT  STD STD
Transducer Bracket (1) STD STD STD