Australian Made Aluminium Boats

Bass Hunter 480 at Rest (Resize).jpgStessco is proud to be an Australian owned and operated family business. Stessco has dealerships in every Australian state so there will always be an opportunity for you to see our vessels and talk to staff who have the product knowledge and industry experience to help you into the best Stessco vessel for your needs.

With a family environment and a love of fishing and boating, Stessco has built a network of dealerships who share the same passion and goals that Stessco do, so that you the customer will get the best value & best vessel for you.

Stessco prides itself on the wide variety of options available which can be added to the already wide range of different vessels. Speak to your nearest dealer about the opportunity to customise your next boat.

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It's said that a bad day fishing is better than a good day at work.

Why not aim a little higher and make sure your boat has everything you need to have the best time out on the water possible.

We have more accessories for your boat than you can poke a rod at.
Dealer Network
We have dealers all over the country. That way you'll have expert help and advice no matter where you are.